Thursday, May 11, 2006

Halifax. Next to the Piece Hall.


The Tower.

Church at Savile Park.

The Piece Hall.

Leeds (United Kingdom)

Instituto Cervantes.

University Campus.

Streets in Leeds.

Two Brothers in Leeds.

I met my brother Santi in Leeds.
The Black Prince was behind us.

The Shambles and one bridge.


York inside ourselves

Getting into the heart of York.

NYC is New York City; MYC should be Medieval York City.

People walks along the Ouse River.

Outside the temple.

May, 1st. We hadn´t seen the religious place inside yet. -York.

Front of York Minster.

Group of students just waiting to enter the temple.

Bicycle lane in York.

We are leaving York.2006.

True friends

At York Minster

We were about to enter York Minster.
(Ana Serrano sent the photo)

The aeroplane at the airport in Alicante.
Ready to fly!

Two friends and one of the Beatles

Silvia and Frances, good friends.

And...for God´s sake, isn´t that
guy one of the famous Beatles
from Liverpool?

This picture was shot in Urbis Museum in Manchester.
(Silvia sent the photo)

He is a real cool coal miner: Chris.

We were inside this coal
mine. The guy in orange
was our nice guide.
We spent a good time
Best regards, Chris!!
(Photo sent by Silvia)

Silvia Abad sent this photo.

The Shambles in York. The two houses at our back
make nureighbors instead of neighbours.

More photos sent by Isabel.

Just about to leave!
We felt really sad.

At the main entrance in Crossley
Heath Sch.

Isabel Soler sent these photos

York Minster. Débora, Isabel(me), Ismael, Ana,
Iván, Patricia, Silvia and Marina.
All of us students of 3 ESO and 4 ESO at Centro de Estudios CEI.

We see Nick, Brad, Tom H. and me.
Travelling by train. We couldn´t say if
we were going or coming back.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mr. Ian Kendrick and me.

Houses which come along the gardens and
lonely walkers to the end of Savile Park Road.
Remember this place
I stood next to the barefoot princess!

Another side
of school.

Crossley Heath Sch.

Houses next to the school in Halifax.
This is it: the building. We love those black stones, tradition and strength.

The Crossley Heath School

You know, life is
a series of dilemmas
or crossroads.

Friends from the very first day!
We see Feliciano, Nick and Tom Hill, Ricardo, Iván, Marina, Débora and Ismael, Isabel and Mojirola, Silvia and Frances, Daniel, Brad, -a girl I don´t remember her name- and Matthew.

On the 27th of April a group of 13 students from Centro de Estudios CEI (Murcia) and 1 teacher of English arrived at Crossley Heath Sch. in Halifax. There they met Michael, Tom, Brad, Nick, Mr. Kendrick and some others. We can see Isabel(but she is not looking at us), Debora and Ricardo.

Immense green fields there, 20 steps in front of the main entrance of Crossley Heath School. Never ending fields forever.

Way in or way out.
The place. This is Crossley Heath School.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Crossley Heath School